Waiting list update

Waiting list update

We are now sending out letters to patients who were referred in February 2022

Appointment information

What to expect from your appointment

  1. Trophy icon Top of the waiting list

    When your name gets to the top of the waiting list, we will write to you with an opt-in letter or offer you an appointment containing the necessary details to enable you to book in for your first appointment.

  2. Tick icon Accept an appointment

    When you have accepted an appointment at our centre, you will be sent detailed information including what to bring with you if you are attending a face to face appointment or sent by email if the appointment is by video consultation.

  3. Clock icon Wait for follow up letter

    Once you have been seen in our service, please wait for your follow up letter. Your second appointment will be some months later (see our waiting list times). Bring copies of any blood results to your next appointment.

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My transgender journey

My transgender journey

"They saved me and made me the happiest woman alive"

My first appointment at the gender clinic was quite daunting. I had been waiting for so long but when the day came, I was so nervious I walked past the door three times before I had the courage to go in.

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Patient updates and service announcements

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Appointment Booking

Our admin team are attempting to book, and in some cases re-book, appointments for patients who are due one. However, they are having a few issues contacting patients. This is slowing down the process...

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Open Day - 10th July

Following on from our first ever Open day, we are happy announce that we now have a date for the second one! The doors of the clinic will be open only to those who are currently on the waiting list a...

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It must be a sign!

After many years being resident in the old Nottingham Dispensary Building, The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health now has a brand-new sign! Our base in Broad Street has for many years just been ...