East of England Gender Service

East of England Gender Service

The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health Network (NCTH) launched a new national pilot, the East of England Gender Service, in June 2021 for people who live in the East of England.

This new service has been developed that is nurse and GP lead and based in the East of England among the stunning spires of the city of Cambridge. The service will see patients who have been waiting on other gender clinics waiting lists on a 'who has been waiting the longest' basis.

The service will see patients aged 17+ who are already on a waiting list at one of the 7 NHS England commissioned Gender Identity Clinics (GIC) and whose referral was received by the GIC prior to the 28th of February 2021.  So, at this time East of England Gender Service is not accepting new referrals. 

The pilot is now a well established part of the NCTH network and patients have the same access to support and treatment as they do with a gender identity clinic (see links below). The Nottingham Centre provides the training, clinical governance, and additional support elements of a patient’s pathway. In this regard, East of England is considered 'part of' the Nottingham team and there is a lot of regular contact between the two locations. 

The East of England Gender Service has a large geographical area and the use of video consultation, when clinically appropriate, will help reduce the need for patients to travel. However, if you prefer to be ssen in person, you can choose that method instead.

Click here if you want to know more about what to expect at your first and second appointments.

The treatments that are offered at the East of England Gender Service can be found in the patients section of this website. Here, you can find out about hormone treatments as well as surgical options.

The prescribing guides for hormone treatment can be found on our prescribing guides section. 

If you need to contact us, then you can find all the details on our Get in Touch page.