Service Users Research Advisory Group - SURAG

While it is increasingly important that researchers and academics carry out high-quality work to help improve the lives of the trans community, it is equally important that no research takes place without input from the community itself.

SURAG (Services Users Research Advice Group) has been established within NCTHNet to provide researchers with a place to go for vital community knowledge to help them within their research.


Members may well take part in some studies as participants, but SURAG wants to go further. We want a group of trans people who can bring their knowledge to EVRY part of the process, from advising on research ideas, to checking research protocols and even checking the language used when writing research up to be published.


Whether you are currently on the waiting list for an NHA gender clinic, you are a current patient, a past patient, or maybe a friend/family member of a patient, you are welcome to join SURAG.

On 29th April from 1-4 there will a day for members to come together to discuss the future of SURAG. To be involved, become a member of SURAG on the link below.

To become a member of SURAG, click here.