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Pride in our flag logo

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility 2024 in March, NCTHNet is hosting an event to highlight the strength of our community and the power of identity.
We’d like to showcase a gallery of your photographs, showing the pride you have in one of the many beautiful pride flags that we identify with. Whether that be the trans pride flag, the traditional rainbow flag, the pansexual flag, lesbian flag, bisexual flag or any of the dozens of others, we’d like to see and hear from you.

Send in your photos and a short (max 100 words) on what that flag means to you. If the image is just you at work holding the flag, or on a pride march, at a significant location, or just at home being your authentic self, then be proud and tell us about its significance in your life.

Send in your submissions to us here and more news about the event will be coming soon.
Watch this space!


Here is an example of what we are after - 

Gemma, the Bisexual Flag

Person with bisexual flag

As a transgender person, I think most people expect me to carry a trans flag when I am at Pride. But since my first ever Pride, I have carried a bisexual flag. Being bisexual is the bit of me that gets overlooked or ignored. When people talk about taking the T away from the LGB, they are asking for my sexuality to be erased in favour of my gender. This flag hangs on my wall for most of the year and then at Pride events, it is around my shoulders. I am a proud bisexual and love who I am.


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