Changing patient's NHS details

Patients can request a change to their gender marker at any time and do not need a Gender Recognition Certificate or have undergone any gender affirming medical treatment.

PCSE must be informed when a patient wishes to change their gender marker. The GP practice needs to include the patient’s name as it is currently registered and their NHS number. You must also confirm that you have discussed the change with the patient and they are aware this will involve the creation of the new NHS number. 

PCSE will then send the GP instructions of how to proceed as well as a deduction.

Once the GP has accepted the deduction, they will then register the patient’s new details provided by the PCSE.

PCSE will send the new medical record envelope with the patients updated details. Information from the patient’s previous record must then be included in the new record, although the patient’s previous identity should be redacted. A black mark pen can be used to adapt physical notes and electric records should be printed, redacted with a black marker, then scanned back into the system.

More details about the process can be found here on the Primary Care Support website.