Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health

Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health

The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health Network has a national gender identity clinic commissioned by NHS England based in the heart of Nottingham, which is a transgender and gender diverse friendly city.  The centre takes referrals from across the country and registered with a GP in England and accepts anyone over the age of 17 onto the waiting list who have gender incongruence and wish to receive NHS funded care and treatment in line with the commissioners national service specification need to be seen has a need to use the service. The clinic is the second largest gender identity clinic in the UK and received around 1000 new referrals every year from GPs around the country. 

Prior to the pandemic, the majority of appointments were face-to-face at the clinic’s building in Broadway, Hockley (click here to read more about the clinic’s rather eccentric building) and the centre has recently re-furbished the waiting room to be more attractive and relaxing for patients who come for an appointment. However, whilst it is important to see patients face to face, either as their preference or for clinical need. a good proportion of appointments are now online.  Whilst you are waiting to be seen you can help yourself to a drink from the Patient’s Kitchen, listen to music and keep updated about the service from the presentations on the widescreen television.

Our entrance to the centre cannot be missed, we are the lilac door next the Broadway Cinema. We also, have an access friendly, no steps, entrance on Heathcoat Street that leads to a clinic room and toilets which are wheelchair accessible. If you need to use this entrance please do let the team know when we are booking your appointment so we can make sure we send a member of the team to welcome you in. 

Based in the centre is our admin and business support team, our clinical MDT members from General Practice, Nursing, Psychiatry, Psychology; Psychotherapy and Voice Therapy. And of course, we cannot forget our Evaluation, Research and Training Team who are also based here.

To find out the latest waiting list times and other information, go to our waiting list page and to see the full list of the team go to Meet the Team (can we change it from staff please on that page?)

If for any reason, now being seen for a first and second appointment is not the right time for you, please let us know.  We will send you and your GP a discharge letter, however it will say that you are welcome back to the clinic for the next available appointment when the time is right.  You won’t go to the bottom of the waiting list, we may ask your GP for an update letter if it has been a while since we saw you or your referral is made however you will be given the next appointment available.

If you are unable to attend and appointment, please let us know as soon as you can ideally at least 72 hours before so that we can book someone else in with the clinician to be seen.  Appointments that are not attended, mean the clinician isn’t able to see someone else and that other people have to wait longer.

In addition to the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, the Network is a link clinic for the Indigo Gender Service and who we initially trained and are now proud to be the partner link clinic that provides support with things like second opinions for genital surgery.  In addition the Network is working closely with other developing pilots around the country.


Indigo Gender Service, Manchester

As well as the main service based at The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, the Network is also proud to be involved in two different pilot schemes - East of England and Indigo Gender Service
Indigo is staffed by an experienced primary care team from the Greater Manchester healthcare system and receives clinical support from the gender identity clinic at Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health.
Indigo is an NHS adult gender service pilot in Greater Manchester, which has been commissioned to provide care that is local, timely and easier to access. Indigo is a partnership between gtd healthcare a not-for-profit organisation with an established presence of primary care and urgent care services in the north-west, and LGBT Foundation, a national charity delivering services, advice and information for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. 
The service is accepting new referrals via a holding list; the eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Aged 17 or over (although everyone we’re currently working with is 18+)
  • Registered with a GP in Greater Manchester at the time of referral, and eligible for NHS treatment.

Indigo offers trans and non-binary people different ways to access support services, including assessment and diagnosis for gender dysphoria. This includes holistic assessments of an individual's needs and offers referrals and signposting to other services.
For more information, visit