Support groups

Many trans people find it useful to join or attend a support group or reach out to an organisation for help and advice. Below are a few organisations that you may like to be in contact with. 



Gendered Intelligence Support Line

gendered intelligence logoGendered Intelligence runs a support line service to answer any questions that you might have and to provide you with support while you wait for gender affirmative healthcare. The support line is confidential and everyone who answers is trans and/or non-binary themselves. 
Phone number: 0330 355 9678 (please leave a voicemail if someone doesn't answer and they will call you back) 
WhatsApp: 07592 650 496 (you can send voice notes too if that is easier for you) 
Available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 2pm - 7pm and Wednesday and Friday 10am - 3pm

Gendered Intelligence are starting a new support group to help you while you wait. It'll be on the last Wednesday of every month. In the group you'll share advice, support each other, and hold space to talk and listen. Each month they'll be a different focus too, bringing in external facilitators and speakers - who either have expertise in specific areas or specific lived experience. Find out more here.



Notts Trans Hub

Notts Trans Hub logoNotts Trans Hub is a local charity which offers support groups and social activities. The group also has a separate support group for parents, family members and supporters of trans individuals.

Find the Notts Trans Hub on facebook. You will need to message the group telling them your connection to Nottinghamshire, UK, and why you would like to join the group. You can also read their latest bulletin to see what is happening this month. 





The Health Shop

The Health Shop logo image The Health Shop is right next door to the clinic in Nottingham.

The Health Shop is a sexual health and drug harm reduction service that has been operating in Nottingham for over 30 years.

They provide asymptomatic testing for sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses services also include condom, dental dam and lube distribution, pregnancy testing, emergency hormonal contraception, Hepatitis B vaccinations, a needle exchange, harm reduction advice for a range of drugs, and access to drug treatment.

They are an inclusive team and work with a sensitive approach. They do not do any invasive testing or examinations, and they allow people to choose which testing feels most comfortable for themselves.

To book a test or speak to a member of the team, call or text Jess on 07977184851, or email:




Genderphoria logoGenderphoria is a local support and social group aimed at those aged 13-18. Find them on Facebook.