Papers from the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health

All of the papers listed here were produced with major involvement from the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health Network -

Papers listed by year, most recent first

Aldridge, Z., Thorne, N., Bouman, W. P., Witcomb, G. L., & Arcelus, J. (2023). A Longitudinal Study Exploring the Role of Mental Health Symptoms and Social Support Regarding Life Satisfaction 18 Months after Initiation of Gender-Affirming Hormone Treatment. Healthcare, 11(3), 379.
Thorne, N., Aldridge, Z., Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip, Walter Pierre Bouman, Marshall, E., & Arcelus, J. (2023). “I Didn’t Have the Language Then”—A Qualitative Examination of Terminology in the Development of Non-Binary Identities. 11(7), 960–960.
Loutrari, A., & Georgiadou, I. (2022). Adapted melodic intonation therapy can help raise trans women’s singing and speaking fundamental frequencies. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 1–9.
Aldridge, Z., Patel, S., Guo, B., Nixon, E., Pierre Bouman, W., Witcomb, G. L., & Arcelus, J. (2021). Long-term effect of gender-affirming hormone treatment on depression and anxiety symptoms in transgender people: A prospective cohort study. Andrology, 9(6), 1808–1816.
Zottola, A., Jones, L., Pilnick, A., Mullany, L., Pierre Bouman, W., & Arcelus, J. (2021). Identifying coping strategies used by patients at a transgender health clinic through analysis of free-text autobiographical narratives. Health Expectations, 24(2), 719–727.
Marshall, E., Glazebrook, C., Robbins-Cherry, S., Nicholson, S., Thorne, N., & Arcelus, J. (2020). The quality and satisfaction of romantic relationships in transgender people: A systematic review of the literature. International Journal of Transgender Health, 21(4), 373–390.
Defreyne, J., Arcelus, J., Bouman, W., Brewin, N., Elaut, E., Kreukels, B., Heylens, G., Den Heijer, M., & T’sjoen, G. (2019). SAT-014 No Correlation between Serum Testosterone Levels and Aggression or Anger Intensity in Transgender People: Results from Five European Centres. Journal of the Endocrine Society, 3(Supplement_1).
Jones, B. A., Bouman, W. P., Haycraft, E., & Arcelus, J. (2019). The Gender Congruence and Life Satisfaction Scale (GCLS): Development and validation of a scale to measure outcomes from transgender health services. International Journal of Transgenderism, 20(1), 63–80.
Jones, B. A., Pierre Bouman, W., Haycraft, E., & Arcelus, J. (2019). Mental health and quality of life in non-binary transgender adults: a case control study. International Journal of Transgenderism, 20(2–3), 251–262.
Thorne, N., Yip, A. K.-T., Bouman, W. P., Marshall, E., & Arcelus, J. (2019). The terminology of identities between, outside and beyond the gender binary – A systematic review. International Journal of Transgenderism, 20(2–3), 138–154.
Witcomb, G. L., Claes, L., Bouman, W. P., Nixon, E., Motmans, J., & Arcelus, J. (2019a). Experiences and Psychological Wellbeing Outcomes Associated with Bullying in Treatment-Seeking Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth. LGBT Health, 6(5), 216–226.
Jones, B. A., Haycraft, E., Bouman, W. P., Brewin, N., Claes, L., & Arcelus, J. (2018). Risk Factors for Eating Disorder Psychopathology within the Treatment Seeking Transgender Population: The Role of Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment. European Eating Disorders Review, 26(2), 120–128.
Defreyne, J., T’Sjoen, G., Bouman, W. P., Brewin, N., & Arcelus, J. (2018). Prospective Evaluation of Self-Reported Aggression in Transgender Persons. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 15(5), 768–776.
Jones, B. A., Haycraft, E., Bouman, W. P., & Arcelus, J. (2018). The Levels and Predictors of Physical Activity Engagement Within the Treatment-Seeking Transgender Population: A Matched Control Study. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 15(2), 99–107.
Nobili, A., Glazebrook, C., Bouman, W. P., Glidden, D., Baron-Cohen, S., Allison, C., Smith, P., & Arcelus, J. (2018). Autistic Traits in Treatment-Seeking Transgender Adults. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 48(12), 3984–3994.
Thorne, N., Witcomb, G., Nieder, T., Nixon, E., & Arcelus, J. (2018). A comparison of mental health symptomatology and levels of social support in young treatment seeking transgender individuals who identify as binary and non-binary.
Witcomb, G. L., Bouman, W. P., Claes, L., Brewin, N., Crawford, J. R., & Arcelus, J. (2018). Levels of depression in transgender people and its predictors: Results of a large matched control study with transgender people accessing clinical services. Journal of Affective Disorders, 235, 308–315.
Bouman, W. P., Claes, L., Brewin, N., Crawford, J. R., Millet, N., Fernandez-Aranda, F., & Arcelus, J. (2017). Transgender and anxiety: A comparative study between transgender people and the general population. International Journal of Transgenderism, 18(1), 16–26.
Jones, B. A., Brewin, N., Richards, C., Van Eijk, M., Stephenson-Allen, A., & Arcelus, J. (2017). Investigating the outcome of the initial assessment at a national transgender health service: Time to review the process? International Journal of Transgenderism, 18(4), 427–432.
Arcelus, J., Bouman, W. P., Jones, B. A., Richards, C., Jimenez-Murcia, S., & Griffiths, M. D. (2016). Video gaming and gaming addiction in transgender people: An exploratory study. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 6(1), 21–29.
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