Your fertility

hands playing a piano More and more trans people in the UK are starting to think about their fertility. Whether you are certain you would one day like to parent a child or the thought has never crossed your mind, it is always worth considering your fertility.


While you may not want a child at this moment, your feelings could change in the future and it is worth considering this when talking to your clinician about your treatment. 



Won’t treatment mean I can’t have a child?

Not all gender affirming treatments cause infertility, but treatment such as hormones will affect it and some surgical procedures can also irreversably affect your ability to become a parent. But also, there are things you can do before treatment, and even after you have started,  to preserve your fertility, such as gamete storage.



Can the clinic provide gamete storage?

While the clinic does not provide gamete storage directly, if you are a resident of Nottinghamshire, we can make an application for funding on your behalf. Alternativly, if you live outside of Nottingham, we can make recomendations to your GP to consider a referral to a fertility preserving service. Your GP will then be able to advise on services in your area. 


When can I talk to the clinic about my fertility?

The answer to that is as soon as possible! If you are planning to have children, mention it at your first appointment. If you are not considering children now but want more information or want to be recommended for gamete storage, you can do that at any appointment before you start treatment. 

There are probably lots more questions you would like answered, and you can find information to help you with these by downloading our leaflet all about fertility.