Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health Network has strong links with many local and international research teams and individuals. Many peer reviewed studies linked to the Network have been published in renowned international journals.


In addition, research carried out in the Network is routinely presented at international conferences. Many local and international researchers in the area of transgender health work with the Network on an on-going basis and the centre aims to remain at the heart of research in this area.

The team at the centre are always open to new collaborations. If you wish to contact the research team, email

If you are a patient at the centre and interested in taking part in research, monitoring the projects linked to the centre or get involved in other patient and public involvement activities, then email our service users group:

We work closely with several universities including:

  • Nottingham Trent University

  • The University of Nottingham

  • Loughborough University


Latest papers

The papers listed here were recently published by a member of the Network team. 

Loutrari, A., & Georgiadou, I. (2022). Adapted melodic intonation therapy can help raise trans women’s singing and speaking fundamental frequencies. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 1–9.

Aldridge, Z., Thorne, N., Marshall, E., English, C., Yip, A. K. T., Nixon, E., Witcomb, G. L., Bouman, W. P., & Arcelus, J. (2022). Understanding factors that affect wellbeing in trans people “later” in transition: a qualitative study. Quality of Life Research, 31(9), 2695–2703.

To read a full list of papers produced by Nottingham Centre for Transgender Healt, click here



Contact the research team

If you are looking to conduct research with the transgender population and would like to propose a collaboration with one of the researchers in the team, email: