Nottingham Young People’s Gender Service (NYGS)

Our service (NYGS) will offer psychosocial support from a range of specialist healthcare professionals to young people seeking support for their gender identity who are under the care of one of the specialist paediatric endocrinology (hormone) services based at University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust or Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.  Young person 

This service is for young people under 17 years and 6 months who have previously been assessed by GIDS at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and were referred to, and accepted by, the endocrinology service and are:

·       Waiting to start on gender affirming hormones who have been accepted for care; or

·       Waiting to start on puberty suppressing hormones who have been accepted for care; or

·       Currently receiving puberty suppressing hormones; or

·       Currently receiving gender affirming hormone treatment

The service does not accept referrals of any other individuals or from any other service.


This is a new service, and the staff structure is comprised of clinical psychologists, paediatricians, nurses, psychiatrist, family therapists, specialist nurses, care navigators, speech and language therapists and social workers as part of the multidisciplinary team.