Patient updates and service announcements

It must be a sign!

After many years being resident in the old Nottingham Dispensary Building, The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health now has a brand-new sign! Our base in Broad Street has for many years just been known as ‘12 Broad Street’ from the outside, but we now have a fantastic new sign with our brilliant new logo.

The logo, which was initially designed for this website, has proved popular with patients and staff and this year adorned most of the giveaways we had at Nottingham Pride. The concept of the logo represents various stages of an individual’s journey. The colours of the droplets on the logo gradually go from orange to purple in a series of steps, while the droplets themselves stay the same shape they always were but get bigger and stronger with each stage.

In the past few years, the clinic has also changed the colour of the door from NHS blue to something far more inviting (lilac) and there is also a new intercom fitted. These outdoor changes, of course, reflect the big changes we have also had inside with a new reception desk and a vibrant new waiting room, both of which appeared within the last three years.

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