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Open Day - 27th March

As part of the Clinic’s new Waiting Well project, the Nottingham clinic will be opening its doors on the morning of the 27th March for people who are currently waiting for their 1st appointment.

This Open Day gives you a chance to step inside the building and look around, meet some of the staff, and also to ask questions about everything from admin to appointments.

The Open Day starts at 9:30 when you can come along for a coffee and other refreshments. You will then be taken on a guided tour of the building before seeing a presentation including a bit about the history of the building, a guide to our website and other important information. There will also be a Q and A with one of our Lead Clinicians and the Service Manager. The Open day will end at 11am. 

In addition, we want to make sure that the Waiting Well project has input from the community, so you will have a chance to take a first look at the Welcome Pack we have put together and then feed back to us on what you think about it.

So, if you ware currently waiting for their first assesnent and want to come to the Open Day, please fill out this form.

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