Psychology and Psychotherapy

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Psychology and Psychotherapy Team

We are a team of Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists offering a selection of support options to people under the care of Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health (NCTH) on the treatment pathway. People who have received a diagnosis and are under the care of NCTH can be referred to the Psychology and Psychotherapy team for therapy by speaking to their supporting clinician at their second assessment or during a follow up appointment.



We offer one to one, face to face, as well as group therapy options to people. The people we see may present with concerns about anxiety, low mood, self-esteem, sex, and relationship issues.  The work we do is person centred and individually tailored to each person’s needs. This includes working in a joined-up way with other colleagues to support people with specific medical interventions they might be receiving via NCTH as part of their transition. We aim to undertake therapy using person centred ways to explore with people and build an understanding, while also working to the strengths of an individual to empower them to take the next step in their journey.
Some people might be better supported by local services. When this is believed to be the best course of care for a person, we can offer to work with these other services to offer specialised support.



Extended assessment

At NCTH diagnostic assessments occur over a minimum of two sessions, however, some people may require more time, thought, or discussion about this and the path they choose regarding their gender transition. Clinical Psychologists within the Psychology & Psychotherapy team also offer extended assessments to people who would benefit from more time to explore their gender and whether a diagnosis and readiness for medical intervention is appropriate for them.