Access needs and accessing our building hero

Accessing your appointment

To help us to help you as quickly and efficiently as we can, please have a look at the advice for accessing your appointment below.

Accessing the building

Our building is somewhat eccentric and there are some areas of the building which are fully accessible and some which are not There is an accessible entrance in Heathcoate Street. If you have access needs, then you can ring ahead and we can make sure your appointment takes place in the accessible areas of the Heathcote side of the building. We have our phone number on the main door at all times of the day so if you are struggling to find the accessible entrance, you need assistance or any other issue accessing the building, you can call and let reception know.

We also want to make your appointment itself suitable to your needs. If you do not want to wait in the main waiting room, then let reception know and another room can be found for you to wait in.


Appointment access needs

If you need any adjustments to your appointment, whether it is online or in person, then feel free to let us know and we will accommodate you. We are aware some people do not get along with online consultations or would struggle to attend the building in person and we are happy to discuss these with you.


Assistance Animals

If you have a registered Service Dog then you can feel free to bring your little friend with you. We ask that you let us know ahead of time. Also, we do ask they stay off the furniture and that they are house trained (we keep some poop bags in the clinic just in case though!) If your dog needs some water, let reception know and we will sort it. Dogs, we ask that your owners are well behaved and I’m afraid we do not store dog treats on the premises. Sorry.


General needs

We want to ensure that the environment is suitable for all needs and we are aware there may be some issues we have not anticipated. The staff on reception, the admin team, and the clinicians are all keen to make your visit comfortable to don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything adjusted to your needs.