Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy

Voice and communication therapy is offered as part of our treatment pathway at Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health.


Our lovely team, consisting of Ioanna and Chris, are on hand to help you, your voice and communication with your identity in ways that feel authentic to you. This may involve exploring changes to your vocal technique, including pitch, resonance, intonation, rhythm, and volume.

Sessions may include singing to explore different vocal techniques. From our clinical experience, better understanding of pitch can help with voice modification. This technique will be discussed in our one-to-one and some group sessions. Non-verbal communication can be discussed if you wish to explore this in one-to-one or group therapy sessions.


One-to-one voice therapy at our clinic - session structure

We generally offer five one-to-one voice sessions that are designed to help with voice change in a step-by-step process. Depending on your ability, we individualise each session to fit your needs.


Voice change - the beginning

The goal of voice change, and specifically of voice feminization or masculinization, may be to reflect what is heard on the outside or the individual’s voice identity with the person’s inside identity. Beginning the process of voice change can be very exciting and at the same time it can be frightening for many people. In our work as speech and language therapists, our clients often report feeling nervous about the different challenges they may face as they attempt to change their voice. Feminizing or masculinizing your voice is an exciting process and we hope that the information on this website will help in understanding some basic principles of voice change.